A Be Card is the spark of a great conversation between parent and child

We provide a question on each card as a conversation starter.

The Purpose of BeCards™

Be Cards provide avenues for parents and teachers to share positive messages with children, as well as provide opportunities to have meaningful conversations. They also act as an educational accessory to lesson plans as well as a bi-directional substitute for traditional bedtime stories.

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"Leah understood what it meant to be brave, she said it means you're not scared. She said she was once scared of the dark but did what I told her to do in a scary situation which is to close her eyes, count to 3 and breathe and she was brave and now no longer scared of the dark."


Designed to provide a valuable window into your child’s experience!

The BeCards were designed to be engaging, fun and playful. A game that both you and your child will enjoy for years to come.

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"This card really opened up conversations with my child. She was able to talk about her friend at school without me asking and talk through her frustrations. I truly enjoyed this card."

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