We asked families and teachers to share the cards with their kids, what did they say?

  1. This card really opened up conversations with my child. She was able to talk about her friend at school without me asking and talk through her frustrations. I truly enjoyed this card.
  2. The first thing she asked me when I picked her up from school today was "Can we have a special party again and talk", by which she meant tea party and Be Cards.
  3. She discussed her troubles with school work and that sometimes she thinks something is too hard for her to learn.
  4. I think the card is beautiful. The illustration is amazing and very engaging. I think a lot of dialogue can come from the card other than just the vocabulary word... I think it's fantastic!
  5. During our conversation, she closed her eyes and thought of several things, such as making homework better, changing the ways cars drive, and many more.
  6. The was a great card! The question was very timely for this week because she was doing chores and the lights went out in the room she was in. She's very afraid of the dark, but was able to remain calm, knowing that we were outside of the house on the lawn. I really enjoyed talking about this card.
  7. This card reminded her of some of the stories that she watches on television sometimes. She thought about a few movies that had good story lines in them. She had never heard of Joan of Arc and was ready to read more about her after our talk.
  8. She really liked the picture on this card. She was able to remember helping her grandfather when he was ill and opening doors for people going into the store or restaurant. She also talked about a time when she was able to get her great grandfather to take his medications.
  9. Leah understood what it meant to be brave, she said it means you're not scared. She said she was once scared of the dark but did what I told her to do in a scary situation which is to close her eyes, count to 3 and breathe and she was brave and now no longer scared of the dark.
  10. She said to be free means that you can go anywhere you want to go and when you're locked up in your room you're not free. If she could do anything she wanted she would want to go run around outside and play at the park.
  11.  She was happy that the doctor was a girl - she wants to be a doctor. Already knew the meaning of the word and could definitely associate the picture with the concept.
  12. She liked the picture of the little girl helping the BIG Lion. It's nice to be kind to people and animals. Knew the meaning of the word. Described in detail an experience of helping someone else which means that she is a kind person.
  13. She liked the dragon and the little girl on the front of the card. She also liked the picture on the back. She couldn't read it by herself. Other classmates kept taking the card away from her during lunch.
  14. She LOVED it - She currently has a splinter in her foot and HAD one in her hand and so she really identified with it. As a toddler, we work a lot on patience and being kind.
  15. At first she didn't understand what Kind meant, but after talking about it she told me when she was helping someone when they fell down.
  16. She loved it. When she was brushing her teeth, the sink got clogged and she looked at it and said, "the water is not free. Be free, water!" She also would climb up to her place at the table throughout our epic tea party and pause to say, "Mom, let's talk." 
  17. I never thought about teaching this concept to her and realized it is something that a young child should learn. I enjoyed teaching and talking about something new with her and I loved hearing her feedback after she understood.